Our final project was to create a video story. This assignment was exciting because it tied nearly everything we covered in the semester into one package. I have also always loved to make videos. When I was in elementary and middle school, I would make “news” videos with my sister and friends. I was always the one behind the camera and created most of the script. When Tally and I were working on this project, I remembered how much I enjoy planning and editing short videos.

Finding a subject was the most difficult part of the entire process. Plan A fell through, followed by B and C. Luckily, we ended up with a topic that really interested both of us. Our advisor, Dr. Stayton, is leading a research study to eliminate brisket disease in cattle by crossbreeding them to yaks, which are resistant to altitude. We interviewed Dr. Statyon and Travis Smith, the manager at the UW beef unit.

Tally and I came up with questions together. During the interviews, I recorded and the interviewees talked to Tally. This worked really well, because our interviewees didn’t have to stare into a camera, they were just having a conversation. I also gathered b-roll when we were in the pen. Tally talked to Travis while I recorded, and we ended up getting a really great candid quote! (It’s the one at the end).

After we worked through some technical difficulties in getting the video clips into Adobe Premiere, we caught onto the program quickly and were able to work efficiently. In total, we spent about five hours editing, though a lot of this was waiting on slow computers.

Using Adobe Premiere was not as hard as I thought it would be. The basics are relatively straightforward, and we figured out how to do more technical things with just a Google search. I also really enjoyed editing the video and piecing it together; it’s like a puzzle!

When we uploaded the video to Youtube, the first two seconds were cut off. Unfortunately, those two seconds were where Dr. Stayton introduced himself. In the future, I will add blank space to the beginning to avoid that happening again.

This project (and class) inspired me to focus my job search on a position creating multimedia. I have been interested in public relations, and I think multimedia production skills are important in that field.