I went to the University of Wyoming versus Denver University men’s basketball game on November 30 to complete my live tweeting assignment. UW stayed ahead the entire game, so it was fun to watch. I don’t know very much about basketball, so luckily some of my friends I sat with are familiar with the terms and plays. This was also my first (and last) basketball game at UW. If it wasn’t for this assignment, I wouldn’t have ever made it to a game!

Overall, the game was fun! I learned more about basketball by discussing it with my friends. One of them even looked up names we heard announced so that I could get the correct spelling.

Live tweeting was more difficult than I thought it would be. I had to pay close attention to the announcer to get names, then double check with my friends to make sure I had the play right. I found that tweeting throughout the game was fairly time-consuming, and ten tweets seemed like a lot. I felt like I was flooding my followers’ feed! Although I didn’t necessarily dislike this assignment,  I can’t say that I could see myself live tweeting an event in the future. I would be more comfortable using other social media like Facebook and Instagram.

If I had to do this assignment again, I would find a few relevant hashtags and get a roster before the game. Making sure I had the name correctly took some time, and I wasn’t sure exactly what hashtags to use– especially for DU.

It surprised me when I got added to someone’s Laramie news list, and that one of my tweets was favorited– I didn’t expect that! The photo I took didn’t post until a couple hours later, so it looks a little out of order.