NOON HOUR. On her lunch break, grad student Aubrie Musselman reads a book in Prexy’s Pasture. Even though today was a little chilly, UW students were making the most of the sunshine.

I took the photo of Aubrie in Prexy’s right after eleven o’clock classes got out. She was reading in the sun during her lunch break.  I thought this photo represents how UW students enjoy being outside, even when it’s not warm out, so it’s a feature photo. This was a fairly easy shot for me to get.  I used the rule of thirds as a creative device. Contrast and background are also in this photo; the grass, trees, and flowers create a good background that Aubrie stands out from. I really like the lighting– the skies were clear at noon!


CAMPUS TOUR. A UW representative takes a group of potential students on a tour of campus. They started their tour in the Union and were able to experience the beauty of the campus in the fall.

I saw the touring group as I was walking to the Union early this afternoon. I took a photo as they were walking away. The guides walk backward, unfortunately you can’t see them in this photo. I think this photo has great color, the trees really stand out. I also like that a large area was captured. Usually I take pictures closer to the subject, so I was surprised at how this one turned out. In a way, leading lines are also in this photo. There are lines on the pavement, the trees create a focal point near the center, and the group is walking toward that point.

FUTURE ENGINEERS. Lexie Switzer, Cameron Britt and Hayden Legerski are learning about property lines and surveying in their Civil Engineering Survey Lab.


SURVEYING. Lexie Switzer recorded the data while Hayden Legerski and Cameron Britt used the equipment.

The last two photos feature civil engineering students learning how to survey for property lines. The weather had turned windy and chilly, but these students were focused and enthusiastic. They were happy to explain what they were doing. As soon as I saw the class in Prexy’s with a lot of equipment, I knew I had a good photo opportunity. In the first photo, I used rule of thirds and depth. The students are obviously engaged in what they are doing, and the equipment in the middle is visible, which helps the viewer see what is going on. In the second photo I used of them, I used rule of thirds again. They are looking to the right, so I positioned them on the left side of the photo.

This assignment was fairly difficult for me. I have never really taken pictures of people (unless they were posed), so I felt uncomfortable at first. As soon as I took a couple, I realized it wasn’t even half as bad as I thought it would be. There are a lot of things I would have done differently with this assignment, but I am happy with photos I took. I wish I would have planned more accordingly and stepped out of my comfort zone sooner. However, this assignment was a huge learning experience for me.