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Exploring Multimedia Production

Video Project

Our final project was to create a video story. This assignment was exciting because it tied nearly everything we covered in the semester into one package. I have also always loved to make videos. When I was in elementary and... Continue Reading →

Live Tweeting at a UW Basketball Game

I went to the University of Wyoming versus Denver University men's basketball game on November 30 to complete my live tweeting assignment. UW stayed ahead the entire game, so it was fun to watch. I don't know very much about... Continue Reading →

Social Media Critique

Social media has become a very important part of marketing and customer relations for businesses and organizations.  Pepsi and Coca Cola are known competitors, and both are active on multiple social media platforms. I think the rivalry is very interesting--... Continue Reading →

Editing Audio

This week, I edited my interview with Tally. The original recording was right at five minutes, for this assignment I had to cut it down to two. When I uploaded the audio file onto Audacity, I was really confused at... Continue Reading →

Audio Profile

Aside from recording interviews to use for writing stories, I had never collected audio. I was excited to try my hand at a different type of media. I interviewed Tally Wells for the audio project.  She had already thought about... Continue Reading →


I took the photo of Aubrie in Prexy's right after eleven o'clock classes got out. She was reading in the sun during her lunch break.  I thought this photo represents how UW students enjoy being outside, even when it's not... Continue Reading →

Creative Devices in Photography

To practice using creative devices in photography, I spent a few days wandering around the Laramie area. I started out at UW, worked on ACRES Farm, and eventually ended up on Corner Mountain. I really enjoyed taking photos for this... Continue Reading →

Photography Practice in Prexy’s Pasture

Bright Agrotech: Cultivating a New Generation of Farmers

Agriculture is arguably the oldest industry in the world. Farming enabled people to move away from being nomadic hunter-gatherers to start building civilizations. There’s no doubt that food production has come a long way since its origins. One company in... Continue Reading →

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